• PCB Tooling Block (Stencil 8)

A solid, precision made Aluminium tooling block that takes the hassle out of solder paste stencilling.

Are you sick of spending ages carefully aligning stencils so your solder paste is applied Just Right? Have you wasted paste or had re-flow jobs fail because you weren't precise enough or you knocked the stencil while removing it? This fixture block will speed up the job of applying solder paste and improve precision at the same time.

You are buying a PCB fixture block and steel dowels for doing solder paste stencil work. It's compatible with the stencil 8 system.

The block measures 200mm x 300mm and is 10mm thick - perfect for a standard A4 sized stencil. It's made out of high quality Aluminium, which is very flat and consistent in dimension. A grid of 19 x 29 - 2.5mm holes is milled using a high precision CNC machine at 10mm intervals. Rubber stops on the bottom ensure the block doesn't slide around while you're using it. Included with the block are 12 precision stainless steel dowels, 2.5mm diameter by 20mm long. They look stunning, and I couldn't be happier with the quality of this product.

Your tooling block will be shipped carefully enclosed in a robust shipping box, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition.

Usage is simple: Insert tooling pins into the block, place your PCB or panel onto the pins, place the stencil on top, and use a squeegee to wipe the paste over the stencil. The precisely machined block and pins allow your stencil to be positioned exactly on top of the PCB, eliminating positioning hassle and making everything much faster and smoother.

If you're designing a PCB, simply include 2.55mm holes in the PCB and stencil on 10mm boundaries and you're sorted.

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PCB Tooling Block (Stencil 8)

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